Tarun Keram returned to “The Magicians” in this week’s episode ‘Lost, Found, Fucked’

SyFy’s “The Magicians” welcomed back Tarun Keram’s character of DJ Hansel in this week’s episode ‘Lost, Found, Fucked.’ Not only was the episode title an attention grabber, apparently Keram’s beard is now immortalized through television. Catch up with this exciting actor before his roles in a “The Twilight Zone” reimagined episode ‘Nightmare at 30,000 Feet,’ the new “Charmed,” and two upcoming films.

Tarun Keram of The Magicians, Charmed, The Twilight Zone. Photo courtesy of Tarun.

Colleen Bement: Let’s start out by chatting about “The Magicians.” This is SUCH a great show! I see that you are returning as Hansel in next week’s episode ‘Lost, Found, Fucked.’ The title sure has my attention. What can you share about your experience filming?

Tarun Keram: Hey Colleen! I was actually a big fan of the show before I got onto it so I was super excited when I found out I got the role of DJ Hansel. The cast and crew were amazing. Shout out to Arjun Gupta! He plays Penny and was like a brother to me. He made it a point to check in with me often and we shared some deep conversations about going back to India at some point. The title is too accurate for these characters! My beard is now immortalized through television!

CB: I’m always a lover of “The Twilight Zone” and how cool is it that you will be in one of my all-time favorite episodes, ‘Nightmare at 30,000 Feet!’ What was it like to film such an iconic episode, and was there pressure in making it unique?

TK: This is going to be such a cool episode! I think everyone felt a little bit of pressure, but I didn’t feel that until it was my day to shoot. The director even added some scenes with me and my co star Arkie Kandola in it so that was a huge bonus! As for making it unique. We’ll have to do a follow up interview once it airs. My lips are sealed!

CB: Let’s talk about “Charmed.” You back as a barista, right? Was it a fun experience?

TK: I am back in some capacity that’s right. It was really cool because I didn’t think anyone would remember me from the pilot. We shot that ages ago! I’m glad to see it’s still going strong and who knows. I might be back in the future!

CB: Your filmography is off the hook lately with projects! “Red Snow,” “With Friends Like These,” and “Awfully Pretty.” What can you tell your fans about these films?

TK: WFLT and Awfully Pretty were some fun projects I was able to shoot on the weekends with some good friends. Red Snow was a feature directed by one of Vancouver’s best female directors, Marie Clement. I had the best time shooting on location in what was set as “Afghanistan”. We would work long hours and when we got back to the hotel I would often have auditions to tape and send to my agent. We had a good group of actors that really helped eachother out; even if that meant shooting a self tape at 1am and then waking up at 530am to get to set the next day! That’s actually how I got the role of DJ Hansel!

CB: What do you do in your downtime? It doesn’t seem like you have too much of it, but how do you spend it?

TK: I like to take my husky places he doesn’t normally go to and take photos of him. Other than that I’m usually filming indie projects.

CB: What else is really sparking your interest lately? Music?

TK: I did spoken word poetry for an event a few years ago. Maybe I’ll pick that up and add some music? I’m writing two features on the go right now.. maybe I can fit some time in between!

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