Jill Morrison chats new show ‘Project Blue Book’ and time on ‘Supernatural’

Jill Morrison is a believer of UFOs, has a fabulous quirky hidden talent, and is having a blast filming History Channel’s new hit series “Project Blue Book.” Morrison plays the role of Faye, a U.S Army base as the assistant who is fiercely protective, very capable and strong, and dedicated to working at a top secret level. Out of Langley, BC this actress is known for “Mean Girls,” “Van Helsing,” “Supernatural,” A Series of Unfortunate Events,” and soon to be seen in the hilarious “Benchwarmers 2” and “Bummer School.” The SPN Family would remember her as the pretty redhead who choked to death when her scarf was caught in a photocopy machine!

‘Project Blue Book’ actress Jill Morrison. Photo credit to Liz Rosa

Colleen Bement: Tell my readers all about your role as Faye in the exciting new series “Project Blue Book.”

Jill Morrison: Faye works for the U.S Army base as the assistant to Captain Quinn (Michael Malarkay). Quinn and Hynek (Aidan Gillen) begin working together to uncover ‘truths.” I can’t say much more at this point, but Faye is very dedicated to her job and is fiercely protective and strong. In many ways, she must be this way, as a military woman in the 1950s. The time was so different for women in society, and she has dealt with a lot. Because of this, she is very capable and intelligent. She holds power because of her firmness and dedication to working in a top secret office. I loved the first episode, it’s an incredible show to be a part of.

CB: Just curious; do you and your character share any similarities?

JM: I think Faye and I share some similar characteristics. I would describe her as loyal, sharp, and strong—words I feel describe me as well. She cares deeply about her job too and so do I.

CB: Let’s talk about your new projects. What can you share about “Bummer School” and “Benchwarmers 2?”

JM: “Bummer School” is hilarious. I can’t wait for editing to finish on that one. The movie is about a 30-something couple going back to high school to get their degree. They come to Summer School where they meet me, Miss Sable. Their drunk, promiscuous, terrible teacher Miss Sable. So yeah, it was a lot of fun to play!

I’m also very excited about “Benchwarmers 2.” I’m playing Milford, a woman who calls herself ‘the milf’ (even though no one else does). She is part of the law team that forms an awesome team of misfits to play ball. Milford is very goofy, sweet, slightly slow and maybe talks to inanimate objects regularly. It was very exciting and fantastic to work with Jon Lovitz and Chris Klein as well as the many funny people in this movie!

CB: I see that you’ve had some guest spots on some wonderfully geeky shows such as “Van Helsing” and “Supergirl” and “Supernatural.” Can you share any stories from the sets?

JM: It is so fun to work on the “geeky” shows! Because they are well-established shows, their sets are usually pretty happy places. I especially love the opportunity for fun stunt work. I love dying. It’s my favorite. On “Supernatural” I choked to death when my scarf was caught in a photocopy machine. It was a very cool experience. They called cut when I started breathing again! And right before filming the crew chanted, “Let’s kill the pretty redhead” Haha!

Working on “Van Helsing” was also a great experience. I loved the grittiness of the character I played, and the stunt work was so physically fun. It is a challenge for me with the guns and the movement, I am not a natural with a machine rifle. I was screaming at the end of one scene so much that I didn’t hear cut. The director (the amazing Lesley Hope) came up to me laughing because they called cut so many times. I guess sometimes you are just in it! I’m about to film another fun, geeky show (top secret and exciting but aliens too!)

CB: Do you have any hidden talents? The quirkier the better?

JM: Hidden talents…hmm…well, this is super gross but you wanted quirky! I really hope my mother doesn’t read this one…I can burp on command. Like a pro. It impresses children a lot and has done me well for my less classy characters. You can see this art form in such shows as ‘Package Deal’ and ‘To the Mat’… and maybe more to come now that the word is out! Updating resume now…

CB: Are you a believer? (in UFOs)

JM: I am absolutely a believer in UFOs. The way I see it, how could we possibly be alone in this universe! I also learned a lot while filming “Project Blue Book”… everything we have known for years and covered up! There seems to me too much proof. The universe is so vast and fascinating, I hope and believe there are other life forms. I’m not saying I want to meet one, but I believe!

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