Actress Anna Harr chats ‘Krampus Origins’ and latest projects

Meet Anna Harr. This rising young star plays the lead in the new horror film “Krampus Origins”. She is soon to be seen in a creative new teen action/comedy, as well as a western film in the works called “Eminence Hill”. Yes, Anna is busy. Fans know her from movies such as “Bethany” opposite Shannen Doherty and “The Cure of Sleeping Beauty”.

A prequel to the popular Krampus films, this one has a group of young orphans opening a mysterious artifact that resurrects the deadly monster. Directed by Joseph Mbar and written by Robert Conway, this version is more of a dark fantasy than a full-on horror.

Uncork’d Entertainment has made this film available On Demand and on DVD. Check out the trailer here.

Colleen Bement: Thanks for taking the time out to chat. Your lead role in the upcoming horror film “Krampus” looks like it will certainly catch fans’ attention. Two questions:

  • 1.) What stories can you share from the set? Any challenges? Funny stories?

Anna Harr: Yes, I have one story, some of the cast and I decided just to walk around the building one night. We were filming at a historic train station, that’s the setting we used for the orphanage. It was supposedly haunted. I was really creepy and it one room we found an old glass doll and we asked Joe if it was a prop and it turns out it was just a random doll completely abandoned in the building.


  • 2.) Have you heard about the scary Krampus pranks people play in Germany? Some get pretty serious about celebrating Krampus. Do you think this movie will strike fear in the audience?


AH: Well, “Krampus” is more of a dark fantasy than a full-on horror. However, I feel like, for younger kids, it will definitely be frightening for them.

Actress Anna Harr. Photo courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment

CB: When you were a kid, what kind of things scared you? For me, I never wanted to check under my bed.

AH: I would say characters from different horror films such as the Grady twins for “The Shining”, those two really creeped me out. Another one would be Linda Blair from “The Exorcist”, that one really messed me up for a few months!

CB: Do you have any other projects in the works that you’re allowed to share about?

AH: Yes, I have a few! I’m actually working on a project right now. It’s a teen action/comedy, I’m super excited about it! I’m not sure how much I can tell you about the plot, but it’s a very entertaining and creative story. I also have another film with Robert (Conway) that will begin in January, he’s directing a western film called “Eminence Hill”, which will be fun because I have never done a western feature before.

CB: I love your Instagram. Tell your fans about your love for dance and gymnastics.

AH: Yes, I love them both. I started dancing when I was two and started competing at the age of six till eighteen. Now, I just do it for fun, as I am busy with school and acting. With gymnastics, I started at eleven, I am a floor specialist, so I only really focus on the floor apparatus and tumbling. But, I love the two a lot and they have both help me with my acting.

CB:  What do you do in your downtime? Hobbies? Any quirky talents?

AH: I love just hanging out with my friends, relaxing, going to see movies and doing fun stuff. I like to tumble or dance as well when I am not focusing on a script or acting.

CB: What countries are on your must-see “bucket list?”

AH: I would love to visit the Faroe Islands or Iceland, I have seen countless documentaries on them and the landscapes look so beautiful.