Exclusive interview with ‘The Expanse’s Dominique Tipper

Dominique Tipper loves playing “The Expanse” character of Naomi Nagata, and hints that she will be struggling with things that we’ve never seen her struggle with before. There will even be a new hairstyle to reflect on how her journey has been so far. Expanse fans can look forward to ten episodes for the new season 4 on Amazon Prime Video. Production has wrapped and at this point, we know that the first episode is called ‘New Terra’ and is directed by Breck Eisner. Catch up with Dominique and get ready for an exciting new season.

Colleen Bement: “The Expanse” fans are thrilled to see the series picked up by Amazon Prime Video and are anxiously awaiting the 2019 release date. Two questions:

1) What is in store for us when the show returns?

Dominique Tipper: Ooo! This season is SO exciting. I’ve seen the first three episodes and I think episode 1 is the best first episode of a season of “The Expanse” I’ve ever seen. Somehow we’ve managed to deliver the same “Expanse” that you know and love but we’ve stepped it up on an even grander scale. The introduction of Ilus and all the new characters that come with it gives the show an exciting freshness but also, the way the new world and new characters feed into to the usual suspects’ arcs and further moves their stories along is really cool and exciting.

For Naomi, in particular, we see her struggling with things that we’ve never seen her struggle with before and it was quite a fun challenge introducing these new aspects into her story.

2) What was it like to get back to work with the cast and crew?

DT: As always, an absolute joy! We’re really like a family and last year was so depressing when we wrapped the show. There was this really awful feeling that we may not be coming back. It’s like we all knew we were about to get canceled, but we never really got to say bye to each other. So when we actually did get canceled my first thought was I’m never gonna see that family of mine again. But hey, in swoops our fans and Amazon to save the day and before we knew it we were back at it like nothing ever happened.

CB: On a personal note, I absolutely love your hair in “The Expanse.” What is it like playing such a badass character like Naomi Nagata?

DT: Ha thank you! There is a hair change for Naomi this season; something a little more neutral to reflect her journey.

I love playing this woman so hard. I can’t even tell you what a continued joy it is to keep getting to dig into her strength and flaws and vulnerability. She has so much heart and intelligence and she never fails to surprise me that’s for sure!

CB: “Magnetic Plasma for mass(es) Enlightenment.” What a great title! Tell our readers about this short film.

DT: We didn’t actually make a short film. This was a teaser for a project my friend Drew Fuller created. Maybe we’ll get to make it one day. 

CB: You have been busy! What can you tell us about “Monday” and “Estate?”

DT:Estate” is an abstract short film based on a story by China Mieville. It’s a meditation on the effects of violence on the working class community in London. Tom Harberd is directing, and I star alongside Samuel Anderson and that should be out soon.

Monday” is a feature starring Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough and I’m not actually sure how much I can say about this one. It’s a really cool script that Argyris Papadimitropoulos wrote with Rob Hayes and Argyris also directed the film. I had so much fun shooting this in Athens. Denise and Sebastian are a dream and I play a pop star called Bastion. I also got to work with Damian Jones again who produced my first feature “Fast Girls” so that was delightful. That should be coming soon too!

CB: Do you find much time to sing and write songs?

DT: It’s not the way I choose to express my creativity anymore, so no. But I spend a lot of time working on my own film projects and directing. My short film “Trying To Find Me” has been selected for 5 film festivals to date and I just shot my first music video “Egos” for British rap artist Smoothvee. I’m currently writing my next short film with a working title of “Little Man” which is semi-autobiographical. So there’s lots of that going on.
But, if there was ever a chance to sing and dance in a movie for a biopic or something I’d totally be up for that!

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