Get to know fellow sci-fi nerd Catherine Lough Haggquist

Catherine Lough Haggquist has a mile-long list of acting credits to her name and she is certainly now slowing down. Raised on the prairies of rural Canada, this talented actress is probably best known for her role as Terry Sternholz in the “Aurora Teagarden” mystery series for Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Of course ‘Supernatural’ fans recognize her this season’s earlier episode ‘The Scar’, as well as from season eight’s ‘Hunteri Heroici’. Fans have also seen her on “Van Helsing”, “iZombie” and films “Elysium” and “Godzilla”.

The opportunities keep coming her way with recent appearances in the “Fifty Shades Freed” film, and the TV series “Life Sentence”. The New Year has a lot more in store for Catherine as she will be in “A Clue to a Kill: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery” and the films Endless and Love & Oatmeal”.

Tune to Catherine!

“Christmas Pen Pals” airs on Lifetime on Dec. 15, 2018 at 8PM ET/PT and 7PM CT, and “Jingle Around the Clock” airs on the Hallmark Channel on Dec. 22, 2018 at 8PM ET/PT and 7PM CT.

Colleen Bement: Thanks for taking the time out to chat, Catherine. My readers would love to hear any stories that you have to share from the set of “Supernatural”. What was your experience like?

Catherine Lough Haggquist: Both experiences were awesome! On my most recent appearance, the director was Robert Singer, who is also one of the Executive Producers. The rapport that he, the main actors, and the crew have is so fun and collaborative that it just made the days fly by. It was such a good time! 
CB: This is your second spot on “Supernatural” as you were also in the season 8 episode ‘Hunteri Heroici’.  How did the cast and crew welcome you back to the set?

CLH: These folks have been working together for such a long time that they are a well-oiled machine. As such, they have a relaxed and welcoming attitude towards those of us who just come to play for a short time. It is a great vibe and a bit different from the charged atmosphere you sometimes encounter on a newer show where the stakes are high just to stay on the air. In those situations, people are a bit more anxious and may not have time for a more social experience. That was not the case here.

CB: Christmas time is here and your fans will get to see you in two holiday TV movies. Tell us about “Christmas Pen Pals” on Lifetime and “Jingle Around the Clock” on Hallmark Channel. 

CLH: In “Jingle Around the Clock”, I play Fiona, the ad agency boss of Elle, who is played by the awesome Brooke Nevin. Fiona unintentionally thwarts Elle’s plans for her annual Christmas reunion with friends. In order to get Elle a career-altering promotion, I make her team up with advertising campaign ‘fixer’ Max (played by the charming Michael Cassidy), who has a completely different take on the Holidays. Through it all, we get to see how choices get made and how friends and family are there help to us get through challenges if we let them.

As for “Christmas Pen Pals”, an unexpected breakup weeks before Christmas causes my business partner Hannah (played by the dynamic Sarah Drew) to head home for the holidays. Hannah is a tech wiz and creator of the dating app, Perfect One, and our business is having some challenges. Working from her family home, Hannah explores ideas to save it. Along the way, Hannah reconnects with family, friends and perhaps a little romance.

CB: So 2019 looks super busy already with your roles in the TV movie “A Clue to a Kill: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery” and the films “Endless” and “Love & Oatmeal”.

CLH: Yes, there will be lots coming out in 2019! I am excited by the variety of work I have been able to do throughout my career and especially recently. It has been an exciting journey and I am very grateful for that. Before those films arrive, I start 2019 on stage for a Vancouver production of on “Much Ado About Nothing” with Classic Chic Productions.

CB: No doubt my readers have seen you in films and TV shows such as “Supernatural”, “Van Helsing”, “iZombie”, and “Elysium” and “Godzilla”. Do you happen to have a special place in your heart for sci-fi at all?

CLH: I love Sci-Fi! In addition to telling a great story about characters relating to each other, the writers must also envision an entire world’s reality and then inspire other creative departments to bring it to life. When I consider the amount of gadgets we use today that originated on sci-fi books, movies, and television shows – things we take for granted like laptops, tablets, smartphones and so forth – it’s exciting to think I might be breaking new ground on any Sci-Fi project because the imaginary gadgets we’re using on set today might be tomorrow’s reality.

CB: Celebrating 20 years now, tell us all about

CLH: is the evolution of the brick-and-mortar store that my husband Neil and I opened in 1996. We transitioned to our current “Online and On Location” business model in August of 2010 and have loved the fact that we can now market and ship the Film, Television and Theatre related materials that we specialize in all over the world. The time we got back from maintaining a physical storefront we now put into outreach and creating the best product descriptions you will find on the internet. The “On Location” part of our business model sees us bringing “pop-up” stores to plays, screenings, conferences and schools, basically any events. 

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