Guest announcements excite Denver Pop Culture Con fans

This has been a big week for Denver Pop Culture Con. The guest announcements are starting to roll in and they are cause for celebration. Fans are going to flip over some of the actors headed Denver’s way like “Supernatural’s Jim Beaver, and “Smallville’s Tom Welling. Victor Garber, Ming-Na Wen, Benedict Wong, Lana Parrilla, Patrick Warburton, and popular voice actors Tara Strong and Charles Martinet. Comics guests so far are Allen Bellman, Afua Richardson, and Steve Orlando. The authors so far are Cinda Williams Chima, Terri Libenson, and Colleen Oakes. Get to know these creative powerhouses.

Just to name a few…

Jim Beaver

“Supernatural” fans know and love actor Jim Beaver for his beloved role as Bobby Singer. A big history buff, author, and screenwriter, audiences have seen him on shows such as “Deadwood”, “Breaking Bad”, “Justified”, and the film “Crimson Peak”. His memoir ‘Life’s That Way’ that will tug at every heartstring.

Tom Welling

Clark Kent AKA Superman himself may leave his red cape behind to travel the traditional way, and “Smallville” fans will be freaking out. Actor Tom Welling has always been a fan favorite. The multi-talented star also directs and produces. He has been seen in films such as “Draft Day”, “Parkland”, the “Cheaper by the Dozen” movies, and “The Fog.” Recently Welling has been spotted in season three of “Lucifer.”

Ming-Na Wen

So many have grown up loving Ming-Na Wen as Disney’s “Mulan”. This amazing and talented actress recently played the powerful role of Melinda May in “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and will be on the big screen opposite Kevin Bacon in “6 Miranda Drive”. Listen for her voice in “Phineus and Ferb” and “Final Fantasy”. People Magazine called her one of the 50 most beautiful people and she was named as of the 100 most influential Asian Americans.

Patrick Warburton

“Family Guy” favorite Patrick Warburton is on the list and will no doubt bring some fascinating stories with him. Remember Puddy in “Seinfeld”? “The Tick”? Kronks from “The Emporer’s New Groove? Of course, he starred for seven seasons in “Rules of Engagement”. His unique voice has been heard everywhere. Recently Warburton can be seen in Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.

Victor Garber

Currently starring in CW’s “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” Victor Garber has an amazing career. This super-talent has Emmy, Tony, and SAG award nominations for such memorable roles in “Alias”, “Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows”, and of course won a SAG Award for his role in “Argo”. Let’s not forget how much we loved him in “Titanic”. Welcome to Denver!

Benedict Wong

Marvel fans know Benedict Wong for playing the role of yes, Wong, in “Doctor Strange”, Kublai Khan in “Marco Polo”, and Bruce Ng in “The Martian”, and Prometheus”. The British actor has been on stage and screen for over 20 years. His latest venture includes the Hampstead Theatre’s #AIWW: The Arrest of Al  Weiwei” and “Chimerica”.

Lana Parrilla

Voted by fans as TV’s Best Villain, Lana Parrilla loves playing the character of the Evil Queen on “Once Upon a Time”. Viewers also know her from shows such as “Spin City”, “24”, “Boomtown”, “NYPD”, “Six Feet Under”, and “Lost”. No doubt Denver Pop Culture Con is excited to have Lana on board.

In case you missed the announcement, Denver Comic Con has changed its name to Denver Pop Culture Con. It takes it all back to its roots. Pop Culture Classroom was the non-profit organization that inspired this annual event that has grown into one of the premier events of Denver. In the age of the arts are losing funding in schools, programs such as Pop Culture Classroom are vital to the education of Denver area children. This organization his a mission to expand its programming reach to include pop culture to “spark the creative spirit within every child”.

Speed passes, of course, sold out in light speed time. Calendars are marked for May 31-June 2, 2019 and the Colorado Convention Center is already on everyone’s maps. All of those “hashtagers” out there prepare to use #DPCC

Ticket Prices:
$82.50 – All Days

3-DAY CHILD (3-12)
$8.25 – All Days

$38.50 – Fri. Only

$55.00 – Sat. Only

$44.00 – Sun. Only

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