Interview with ‘Mars’ fan favorite Sammi Rotibi

Sammi Rotibi shares some traits with his “Mars” character of Robert Foucault. Both are visionaries and are always asking the questions on how can I make humanity better. Originally from Nigeria, this talented actor is known for his roles in the films “Django Unchained” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, and was recently in will soon be seen in FOX’s summer film “The Darkest Minds”.  Bill Nye has said that space exploration brings out the best in us. It’s where we solve problems that have never been solved before. This is certainly evident in Sammi’s fan-favorite character.

Just this week Robtibi was part of an amazing “Mars” panel at CU Boulder where he shared about his experiences on the series. National Geographic’s show that is currently in its second season. Learn more about this brilliant hybrid show that is made up of a scripted future drama mixed with a present-day documentary. Get to know Sammi and find out if he would actually go to Mars if given the chance!

Sammi Rotibi with author of How We’ll Live on Mars, Stephen Petranek at CU Boulder panel

Colleen Bement: “Mars” is just the most brilliant series on television right now. The storytelling is fabulous and believable. What can you share about your experiences filming the show?

Sammi Rotibi: I had an amazing experience shooting the second season of “Mars” because it was bigger, better, and more scripted. The production was incredible. They brought in Dee Johnson (ER, Nashville) as our showrunner and added two more awesome directors, Stephen Cragg and Ashley Way (Homeland), to join our already incredible director from the first season, Everardo Gout. And they added new cast members to our ensemble who just enhanced the story and journey. I can’t wait for the audience to go on this wild ride with us this season.

CB: Do you and your character share any similarities?

SR: I think Robert Foucault and I have a lot in common because he’s a visionary. A builder. An engineer. Always asking, how can I make humanity better, be a part of change? He’s forward thinking. Building a better future for all.

CB: I saw a quote of yours on Twitter: “I never gave up, I always believed, I’ve always had faith that I would be successful one day.” What inspired you to become an actor?

SR: Being on stage for the first time, performing in front of a large audience was one of the scariest experiences of my life. But also amazingly euphoric. Escaping into characters. EXCITING!!!

CB: What other projects do you have in the works that you’re allowed to chat about?

SR: I had a film come out in the summer for Fox, “The Darkest Minds”. And I just finished shooting a really cool indie called “The Obituary Of Tunde Johnson.”

CB: Elon Musk said, “Getting to Mars would be the greatest adventure ever in human history.” If you had the chance to go to Mars, would you risk it?

SR: If there’s a return ticket! To be honest…I don’t know. Maybe.

Mars” airs on Mondays, at 9/8c on the National Geographic Channel. Heads up for the Season 2 finale on December 17. Sammi Robtibi mentioned that he looks forward to season 3 and avid fans definitely agree.