The ‘Supernatural’ family will love to get to know Raylene Harewood

Raylene Harewood made her mark in the “Supernatural” with her guest role in ‘Unhuman Nature’. At 16 she made her way into her professional acting career with a spot in a local production of “Hairspray the Musical” and now is known for “Supernatural” “The Magicians”, “Reverie”, and “All Joking Aside”. Fans will definitely appreciate her Raylene identifies as a Hufflepuff and a Whovian and admits that she owning what she calls an embarrassing/impressive amount of merchandise This talented actress happens to fit right into our fandom!


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Colleen Bement: I loved you on last week’s episode of “Supernatural”. Tell my readers all about your experience playing the role of Madelyn on the episode ‘Unhuman Nature’.

Raylene Harewood: The highlight of playing this role was definitely being able to act opposite Mark Pellegrino. He’s very devoted to his craft and was very open to discussing the scene and getting my opinions before we shot the scene. Madelyn was a fun little character because she’s got a mini-arc in the one scene she’s in. At first, she’s a little weirded out by the guy who approaches her when she’s alone in an alley, but then she has a little shift where she decides he’s cute and wants to get to know him more. That shift was fun to play!

CB: You’ve got an upcoming spot on “The Magicians” next year. I know you can’t spill much, but can you chat about your time on the set?

RH: Everyone on set was so lovely! The cast was very welcoming and friendly, they really made it a great work environment. The crew were also super nice and would crack jokes with me in between takes. Most of the scenes we shot were outside and it got difficult to handle Vancouver’s unpredictable rain at times. That was probably the biggest challenge. But everyone handled it really well and from what I can tell, it’s going to be a really cool episode!

CB: Do you have other projects in the works that you’re allowed to share about?

RH: I do have something coming up! I’m playing the lead role in an indie film that shoots in the new year. It’s called “All Joking Aside” and it’s about an amateur female comedian who enlists the help of a very cynical, once well-known older comedian to help her realize her dream. There’s a really interesting dynamic between the two of them that I’m really excited to explore. This is my first lead in a feature and I’m feeling very nervous but very excited!

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CB: Let’s get to know you better. How did you get into acting?

RH: I started acting as a hobby at age 12; just through classes at school and performance-themed summer camps. I didn’t take it too seriously because I had a lot of different hobbies while growing up (hip-hop and Taekwondo to name a few). But as I did it more and more, I became more interested in the intricacies of it. When I eventually did my first professional theatre contract at age 16 (“Lil Inez” in my hometown’s production of “Hairspray the Musical”), I knew I’d be disappointed in myself if I didn’t pursue acting as a career.

CB: Your Instagram has some amazing photos on it. I noticed some “Harry Potter” and “Doctor Who” references. What are some of your favorite fandoms?

RH: So glad you asked. I identify as a Hufflepuff and a Whovian. Those two fandoms are probably where I would place the most allegiance. I have an embarrassing/impressive amount of merchandise from both fandoms that I’ve had to talk myself into downsizing in the past few years. Most other fandoms that I’ve been a part of have fallen away from me recently just because of how busy I’ve been. Some shows that have soft spots in my heart are “Supernatural” (so being on it was a dream come true), “Fringe” and of course, “Sherlock”.