Richard Speight, Jr. Kickstarter for Debut Album

Richard Speight, Jr. is releasing a debut album and his producer, Jason Manns, has just released the Kickstarter for the project. Kickstarter is a platform for artists to have crowd-funded projects, what include some great perks for the fans. Speight has been candid about his album, stating in a previous Nerd Alert News interview, “I really think we’ve come up with some good ideas. I like the playlist of the songs we’re honing on, which is a mixed bag of some cover tunes.”

Richard Speight, Jr. Photo courtesy of Kunerksterphoto

The Kickstarter is offering perks based on what you put towards the project: Even one dollar gets you email updates. The Kickstarter will run until March 15, 2019 unless something changes sooner. Follow Jason Manns and Richard Speight, Jr. on Twitter for the latest, as well as check in on the updates page on the Kickstarter. Please be sure to check out the perks, put some money towards our SPN Family member’s venture if you can, but definitely support the project in all the ways possible. We here at NerdAlertNews couldn’t be more excited that this album is finally coming into fruition. Click here for the Kickstarter, and be sure to share the link!

By Jadeen Mercado

Jadeen Mercado is a young, up to date lover of all things geek! She loves to pass her time singing at the top of her lungs and writing about the latest news. She’s happy to deliver the content that you are excited to read about![/caption]

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