‘Supernatural’ recap of Game Night leaves open questions

This week’s episode of “Supernatural” was titled ‘Game Night’ and stuff got crazy! As the 14th season is starting to come to an end, Supernatural fans are expecting a ton of madness, and that was definitely Thursday nights episode. Dean, Jack and Mary are setting up for a fun relaxed game night when Dean received a frantic call from Donatello. Dean and Mary leave to investigate and tell Jack, who they are afraid of because of how unpredictable he is with less of a soul, to stay behind and fill Sam in. When Dean and Mary show up to Donatello’s house, they don’t find him, but they do find Nick. Of course a confrontation ensues but ultimately Nick convinces Dean to take him back to the bunker because he wants to talk and stated that is the only way he’ll tell them where he hid Donatello. When they get back to the bunker Sam and Jack are furious that he is there, and Nick requests a meeting with Jack. That goes about as well as anyone would have expected while Jack bleeds from an injury before healing himself. Jack says that Nick has agreed to give up Donatello’s location so Sam and Dean take Nick to go find Donatello. Of course it feels like a trap, and it is. While Jack and Mary are still at bunker jack sees the syringe that was used to poison Donatello and reveals he can tell that it was actually angel grace. Jack and Mary call and tell Sam that, while Dean reaches Donatello.Dean has to fight off demons while Nick gets the jump on Sam and reveals he is trying to bring Lucifer back. Sam gets injured badly, while Mary and Jack decide that Jack should use his powers. He takes himself and Mary to find Nick. When they find him, Jack is able to defeat Lucifer from leaving the empty and he winds up killing Nick in a horrific way that terrifies Mary. Jack then goes to heal Sam and tells them the news about Nick’s death. Jack takes Mary back to the place where he kills Nick and Mary starts to tell him that he needs help. He begins to breakdown and eventually winds up doing something bad to Mary. We’ll have to wait for next weeks to see.All the while this is happening, Cas is trying to contact God to restore Jacks soul. He teams up with Anael because she used to work with angel Joshua who spoke to God. He bribes her to help by offering her an old vintage pair of earrings which she gladly accepts. She takes him to a warehouse where another angel works and the angle states that the instrument Joshua used to talk to God is here, but they have to find it themselves. After a back breaking search Castiel finds another Samulet and realizes that the necklace is the instrument. Cas prays out to God, with no response but he still keeping faith. We saw Anael open up and their last scene played out, it seemed final, though we have no word if that was her final appearance. This episode leaves us with questions, lots of them. Is Nick really dead, or will he come back again? Will God show up after Castiel called to him? Did Jack kill Mary? What will the Winchesters do? All of these questions will hopefully be answered with three episodes left of the season. Also maybe the shaky camera situation won’t be an issue next time. Tune in next week Thursday on the CW for a new episode of “Supernatural”.

Written by Jadeen Mercado

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