Zenia Marshall chats ‘Supernatural’ set experience

Zenia Marshall was born to perform. The Vancouver actress, singer, dancer went from singing from her baby car seat to playing “Buffy” on stage, and from Mirabel Cooper in the TV show “Date My Dad” to joining the “Supernatural” Family this season 14. Get to know Zenia and find out about the amazing fun she had on set with stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Colleen Bement: You play Stacy in “Supernatural’s 300th episode ‘Lebanon’ and you’re back again in ‘Don’t Go In the Woods.’ Tell fans about your experiences on the sets?

Zenia Marshall: For starters, I couldn’t be more grateful to have been a part of these episodes! It’s only been two episodes but I already feel like there are too many fun experiences to share, haha! From the clown in the 300th episode jokingly scaring me between the takes (He got me every time because he looked scary in costume but he was actually a very nice guy!) to the crew talking about seeing a “girl” staring out of the attic window from inside an abandoned house we filmed at (that no one ever saw again that day… dun, dun, dunnn!). It was a great “Supernatural” welcome haha!

Honestly though the absolute highlight of my experience on set would be the people I worked with from the lovely crew to the main cast and fellow guest stars! Jared and Jensen were seriously the kindest, most amazing guys ever! As if being on the show wasn’t fun enough, they were always making everyone laugh and made it such a joy to be on set with them! All of the main cast made a newcomer like me to the series feel very warm, welcome and at home!! And on top of that, the other guest stars were such a blast to work with as well! For such a short amount of time, we all grew so tight on set and ended up with both an awesome group of friends from an already awesome experience! What better souvenir?!

CB: I’ve heard that having a spot on “Supernatural” is like a rite of passage for Vancouver actors. Did you happen to already be a fan of the series?

ZM: It’s definitely an honor to be a part of the Supernatural Cast Family Tree! I was actually a huge fan of “Gilmore Girls” first when I was very young and that’s where I first saw (and fangirled) over Jared! It was after I got my first audition for “Supernatural” that I started watching the show to understand the story and tone. The episode I loved most (and traumatized me most) was the ‘Bloody Mary’ episode from the first season. I remember watching that the night before my audition and being worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a proper sleep in to be rested for the next day haha!

CB: What was it like to play Mirabel Cooper in the TV show “Date My Dad?”

ZM: So, so much fun! The things that she’d say and do made me laugh first reading the script so I was always looking forward to playing that! I loved her character from the start and felt a spark with her right from the initial read. Not to mention the most adventurous fashionista costume changes haha! Those months working on set was one of the best experiences of my life! I miss my “Date My Dad” family and will be forever grateful for the chance to work on this show! Definitely a huge blessing of mine! BIG shout out to any “Date My Dad” supporters, reading this!! 🙂

CB: You toured with your mom Luisa Marshall in her award-winning “Tina Turner Tribute.” Wow! What an experience! What was traveling around the world like and how did that change your life?

ZM: Traveling around the world has opened my eyes so much. I don’t know how else to word it. From visiting beautiful places to learning about other people’s traditions and cultures. It almost feels like reading a book to me – every destination feels like a whole new world with a different story, characters, and history to it. My favorite feeling I get from traveling is that same realization – “Wow. The world is even bigger than what I knew it before.” Definitely the best gigs of my life but what makes them truly unforgettable is the fact that I’m able to see the world with my family. To do what I love (performing) with the people that I love (my family), I couldn’t ask for anything more.

CB: You played Buffy on stage in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Musical.” I just had to ask about this role as I’m a huge Buffy fan. Did you sing the ‘Once More with Feeling’ songs?

ZM: YESSS, fellow Buffy fanatic!!! Oh my goodness, yes we did! We pretty much sang everything! I personally remember singing “Going Through The Motions”, “Something To Sing About”, “Where Do We Go From Here?”, and my personal favorite from the musical; “Walk Through The Fire.” However we definitely cannot forget about “They Got The Mustard Out.” Haha!

CB: Are there any projects in the works that you’re allowed to share?

ZM: Always! Right now, I’m personally working on my own original music and have had a song under production for the past few months that is very, very close to being released in the next while! I’m so so excited to share this one! If y’all follow me, I’ll be announcing it on all platforms once we arrive at the date. I am also singing with my family band in a theatre show called “Relive The Music.” It’s a show where we take you back to your favorite classics from the 50s/60s in a trivia/impersonation/musical theatre-esque kind of way. We have over 15 shows this year so far! If anyone’s in the Canada, BC area and interested in rocking with us, we have info for you at Relive the Music.

Zenia is represented by Sarah Davis – Premiere Talent Management, Vancouver. 

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