Meet Skylar Radzion: Actress, singer, and “Max” on ‘Supernatural’

“Supernatural” fans were introduced to Skylar Radzion with her character Max in the 300th episode called ‘Lebanon.’ The talented actress, singer, and writer returns to the CW hit show’s screen in Thursday’s episode ‘Don’t Go In the Woods.’ Get to know Skylar and read about her experience filming with “The Boys” and being directed by Robert Singer.

Colleen Bement: I quickly grew attached to your character of Max in “Supernatural’s 300 episode ‘Lebanon,’ and am excited to see that you’re back! Tell us about your experience on the set of ‘Lebanon’ and “Don’t Go In the Woods.’

Skylar Radzion, photo courtesy of Skylar

Skylar Radzion: Thank you so much! I was so grateful to be invited back for ‘Don’t Go In the Woods.’ My experience both times on set was unbelievable. It was just incredible how kind and welcoming everyone from cast to crew was. Working with Jensen, Jared, Misha, and Alex was surreal. The boys always checked in on the kids to see how we were doing. They’re a funny bunch with a great sense of humor. I love Max. She’s a tough girl with a heart of gold. I love the storyline that “Supernatural’ has created for Max & Stacy and felt honored that we can bring their relationship to life.

CB: Were you a “Supernatural” when you were cast in the role?

SR: I am! My mom is definitely the super fan between us, but I have watched all the episodes with her growing up. I couldn’t believe that one day I would actually be acting alongside them on a show that I loved and wanted to work on growing up. And to top it off, on the 300th episode directed by Robert Singer!

CB: Tell us about your co-starring role in the film “Gone by Dawn 2: Dead by Dusk.”

SR: This was one of the last features I filmed before I moved to Vancouver. The director/writer/producer Shaun Donnelly and I have known each other for about 4 years now. He was one of the first people in the industry that gave me a chance, and I was so excited to work with him again for “Gone by Dawn 2.” I played a character named Jessie Stahl, a young woman who becomes caught up in a seedy world of mobsters and dancers.

CB: What are you allowed to share about new projects in the works like “Boogeyman: Reincarnation,” and “John, 316,” and “Cold Comfort.”

SR: “Boogeyman” was completed, however, the untimely death of the creator, Ulli Lommel has the project on hold. Ulli took me under his wing and was my first mentor. I was 16 when we filmed the movie!

“Cold Comfort” was filmed last year, the story is of a young woman, Melody, who gets kidnapped and locked in a room. But all is not as it seems. The CC distributor is planning on releasing it later this year. I did write my very first song “Comfort” that’s going to be released with the movie.

CB: What’s new in your music world? I listened to your Blue Christmas and At Last renditions, you have such a beautiful, soulful voice.

SR: Thank you so much! Music has taken a back seat right now to acting. before I moving to Vancouver, I was working on my very first EP with“Chublaqa” (The Original Chu & Jey Blaq). Because they’re based in Alberta, it’s been harder for me to fly in and out to complete it. I’m hoping to go back soon to complete the EP. I found a love for poetry last year and it really helped me with my writing, I miss both singing and writing. If you wanted to check out my SoundCloud for a rough version of my second song, The Withered Tree.

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